5 regular life bills that you can pay online with ItzCash

ItzCash is the future of payments. You can say, that it can magically clear all your bills in a single tap. Gone are the days when you would have to wait in the long line to pay off your bills. Times are changing and mediums like ItzCash are ensuring that you stay ahead with time.

Here are 5 regular life bills that you can pay online with ItzCash

Mobile bills: Today, the statement “I cannot live without my cell phone” is actually a shocking truth. This is why, to ensure smooth functions, you have to clear your bill payment regularly. Paying off with the online mobile bill payment technique saves you a lot of time.

Electricity: Now no need to wait in those pathetically long lines to pay off your electricity bills. The instant payment option offered by ItzCash makes electricity bill payments as quick as the speed of light.

DTH recharges: No need to run down to your local retailer to purchase vouchers. A simple instant payment does the trick.

Online shopping: There are so many online stores around that even the customers get confused as to what to purchase and from which website. However, having a prepaid card around only adds to the pleasant experience. Conveniently utilize your ItzCash card to shop till you drop.

Train and buses: If you are planning a quick getaway, you would make all the arrangements in advance. But what if the plan was all of a sudden, an unplanned one? You would not be able to get the tickets last minute also. But now, with ItzCash you can make your bookings as and when required.

So this way, by only moving out from the physical phase to the virtual one, payments for any or all your life bills can be easily and quickly be taken care off.