Campus Card

At ItzCash we simplify the life of students with intelligent campus solutions. The ItzCash Campus card gives students the convenience of a one card for all their needs — starting from a student identity card to a on and off-campus purchases/online payments card.

We provide an on-campus commerce management system for students and faculty. Services such as library, in-house cyber cafes, laundry, and other campus services can easily be purchased with the same card that serves as an all-in-one identification card for building access, security, and identity.

The Campus Prepaid Cards of Visa/MasterCard can be customized as per the institute’s requirements. The perfect cashless campus solution works both on a semi closed loop and open loop prepaid platform that allows student to transact at major establishments, retail chains, online shops, and even use ATM’s for transactions in case of open loop cards.

The modern campus is here…

The ItzCash complete campus ID solution: features and benefits:

  • Campus access and security card
  • Campus Payment Card – On & off campus purchases
  • Campus fee card – Fee payments and scholarship disbursements
  • On campus activities

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