Power to Pay


The Power To Pay Tag is India’s first & unique, multi-purpose co-branded contactless prepaid payment instrument developed with the latest Near Field Communication technology (NFC) issued by ItzCash Card Ltd in collaboration with IIT-Bombay and supported by the National Payments Corporation of India and Canara Bank. It is a smart and effective alternative to carrying cash to make payments for various services in and around the IIT-B campus.

Primary features of the Power to Pay Tag include:

  • Convenient Way to Pay

It is simple, convenient and safe to use. It empowers the customer and provides control to use the Tag securely at retail outlets equipped with a Point-of-Sale terminal to make payments.

  • Always Accessible and Available

Access your funds stored on the Tag – anytime and from anywhere. The tag can be stuck at the back of your cell phone – thus ensuring that it is always with you and can be always available when you need to make any payments.

How to Use

To pay with the Power to Pay Tag, just follow these steps:

  • Visit the merchant establishment
  • Complete the purchase
  • The merchant will enter the amount to be debited towards the purchase of goods or services
  • Touch the Tag on the PoS terminal and the transaction is complete

The simplest way to pay!


  • Budgeting pocket money – The card will help you track expenses by providing online statements
  • Helps control spending – The card helps you track history of previous transactions in the form of statements
  • Does away with the hassle of carrying cash and helps transact quickly through PIN-based security
  • Stores and keeps your money safe on the Tag
  • Allows you to live life – stress free!

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