ItzCash Prepaid Card – Visa

The Freedom
to Control & Spend



The ItzCash Prepaid Card is India’s first multipurpose prepaid payment card. It offers all that you ever wanted in a payment card. The Freedom Prepaid Card offers the ultimate power of controlling how you spend your money. The Card is simple to use – be it over the Internet, at your favourite outlet or Cash Withdrawals at ATMs. The card also offers you the freedom of accessibility for a number of payment services anytime –anywhere. It gives you Freedom from …

  • Bank Accounts
  • Excessive Documentation
  • High Transaction Charges

These are some advantages that ItzCash’s Prepaid Card offers and a lot more.

Your Freedom Prepaid Card is accepted at over 500,000 outlets and over 80,000 VISA/MasterCard ATMs across India. Shop online and pay using your Freedom Prepaid Card – thus avoiding the cash-on-delivery charges.

The Freedom Prepaid card can be reloaded at any of our ItzCash World outlets. Or using your Netbanking account/Debit Card. With easy reloads, this card ensures that you never run out of cash. This card ensures that you have security and peace of mind – since you decide the amount the money that is on the card. No fear of unwanted elements wiping out your credit card limit or emptying your bank account.


The ItzCash DCB Prepaid Card offers you:

  • benefitsThe power of controlling your expenses.
  • The freedom of accessing a number of payment services anytime, anywhere.
  • For instance, you can use it to book rail e-tickets on, movie tickets, bus tickets and even, for online shopping. Not just that, you can also use your ItzCash DCB Prepaid Card at various merchant establishments across India that accepts MasterCard and Visa. However, this is possible only if you have upgraded your card.
  • Safe storage of your money. The ItzCash DCB Prepaid Card has a 16-digit card number embossed on the front. The back of the card has a magnetic stripe with an inbuilt security feature and a signature panel for you, the card holder, to sign. Besides, a Transaction PIN and an ATM PIN are sent to you for cash withdrawals and other monetary transactions.
  • Access to your fund stored on the card anytime, anywhere.
  • A convenient way to conduct online and POS transactions.
  • The power to withdraw money from all Visa & MasterCard ATMs across India as per your requirement.

To know more about the ItzCash DCB Prepaid Card, check our FAQs and T&Cs