Applications of Prepaid Card Solutions

Corporate Incentive Cards

Rather than traditional incentive schemes where staff rewards might have included paper vouchers, some companies may now choose to reward staff with a Prepaid card. The card can be blocked for ATM usage to suit corporate requirements.

Payroll Cards

It is often possible for wages and salaries to be paid directly to Prepaid card accounts. This is becoming more common particularly for those without bank accounts such as the young, migrant and temporary workers or for companies where attrition rates are fairly high.

Disbursement Card

For many clients, the process of making payments can be costly and time consuming. Disbursement Cards offer clients an easy way to reduce the time and cost of making payments, as well as enhanced security and transaction details for the payments they are making.

Business Travel Card:

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) is the third-largest business expense in most organizations – and it continues to grow. Business cards for Travel and Entertainment are probably the best known corporate card product and have been around a long time. These are most suitable for businesses where travel and entertainment amounts to a significant proportion of activity. These cards offer staff a convenient way to pay for business expenses whilst travelling and offers electronic account for reimbursement of admissible travel and conveyance expenses incurred by employees for official purposes.