Case Study – Reliance Energy


Reliance Energy is India’s largest integrated private sector power utility company. The company is in generation, transmission, distribution, and trading of power. It distributes over 5,000 MW of power – the largest in the country. Reliance Energy and its affiliate companies power 2 out of 3 homes in Mumbai, 1 out of 2 in Delhi, and has a consumer base of 5 million catering to an estimated population of 25 million in Mumbai, Delhi, and Orissa. It is poised to become a nationwide power company, providing world class quality, and reliable and competitively priced power to millions of customers. Reliance Energy (now Reliance Infrastructure) is one the largest energy distribution companies in the suburbs of Mumbai large population of Mumbai (around 2/3rd) lives in the slums and chawls with no formal access to banking or electronic payment instruments like credit/debit cards.

Most of the Reliance Energy customers used to pay for their bill with cash at the limited cash collection counters, which are operational only during working days, and at specific working hours, About three years back, Reliance Energy started collecting bill payments on electronic modes like the internet, mobile, and phone (IVRS).

In absence of any other viable payment option, the service was limited to the affluent class and the cost of collection remained high at the same time. A large number of consumers were not covered with the service. ItzCash integrated its system and retail network in Mumbai to target these cash paying customers by offering them an online payment service which operates ’24x7x365’ online, and through agent networks all days for about 9 working hours.

The service empowered the common man in the Mumbai suburbs to pay using regular ItzCash on the internet, mobile, or through the ItzCash franchisee network.