Government Solutions

Government of India disburses huge monetary benefits all year round under various government programmes. Ensuring reliable, timely, and efficient mechanisms to pass these benefits is imperative for the government. ItzCash empowers government bodies and local communities by working together, saving cost for disbursements, eliminating administrative and paper work, and distributing benefits to the underprivileged on time, with convenience, transparency, and control.

We identify processes and deliver innovative payment solutions efficiently with best practices that deliver meaningful results.
Our solutions are designed in a way that can streamline cumbersome procedures as well as provide an accurate and timely audit trail of all. The introduction of these solutions in the form of products and service offerings has empowered convergence to the unserved banking population of the country. Some of the payment includes corporate tax, water tax, local body tax and many others.

Our partners Visa, MasterCard, RuPay (National Payment Corporation of India), along with banking partners  have helped deliver many solutions through our large network. The introduction of these solutions in the form of products or services has empowered convergence to the non-banked population of the country.
Recipient benefits include:

  • Faster/immediate access to funds
  • Convenience and security of not carrying cash
  • ATM and Point Of Sale access
  • Eliminate expensive check-cashing fees
  • Financial instrument without having a bank account

Government benefits include:

  • Reduced administration costs
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Modernization of service delivery
  • Increased program integrity, enhanced audit controls and risk mitigation
  • Reduced fraud associated with forged, replicated, and stolen cheques