How You Benefit

The ItzCash franchisee is known as ItzCash World. We make you partners in our success and a part of the ItzCash family.

Join us and offer unique and exclusive solutions to your customers. The wide range of services that you can offer to your customers are travel tickets booking, utility bills payment, hotels booking, air ticket booking, shopping, mobile recharges, and many other service offerings.

If this is not enough, you get a lot more benefits by being an ItzCash partner, which are …

  • Solid backing of a large and reputed organization like ItzCash that can guide you through the process of setting up your business, growing it and providing you with constant guidance and support
  • Already existing customers, which makes growing your business easy
  • More than 5,000 services that include shopping, bill payments, travel tickets, insurance payments, and lots more
  • Dedicated customer care assistance available 24×7 to effectively manage your queries
  • Marketing support extended by ItzCash – we advertise to grow your business allowing you to grow faster
  • Best margins in the industry leading to better profits and larger volumes of business driven through the franchisee model
  • You get to run a defined, and proven business operation that has been run successfully by others
  • Group of individuals that are part of our franchisee offer a supportive environment that allows you to learn from and collaborate with the best practices of others
  • Be a part of a larger growing organization and grow with us, plus benefit from our learnings and new developments