Save Today, Pay Tomorrow– Why Saving is Important

Saving cash has started becoming a thing of the past because of credit facilities that are easily available to all individuals. So the mentality of ‘spend today, pay tomorrow’ is gaining momentum. But, this mentality may prove to be troublesome as it entails you in a vicious cycle of financial dependence. Every penny saved is a penny earned. So start saving today for a brighter tomorrow.

If you save up enough money, at a later date you can become financially independent. That means no depending on external income for your day to day activities. Saving money will help you become debt free and you can proactively begin investing in different ventures. Saving up today will prepare you for the uncertainties of tomorrow. If you live the ‘spend today, pay tomorrow’ lifestyle, future uncertainties such as medical expenses, vehicle repair expenses, property damage expenses, etc. will become an affordable burden upon your finances.

By saving money today, you will be able to make provisions for spending in the future. The saved up money can be used for purchasing a long needed vacation with your loved ones, or to buy a much needed vehicle or maybe even to buy appliances for your home. By saving money, you can leave behind the worries accompanied with debt. Saving money today will provide you with a comfortable cushion post retirement. Savings can also be used as capital investment when you want to set up your own business.

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