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Carbon Credit – like system can curb cash usage

Carbon credit-like system can curb cash usage Cash is an expensive cost to India’s economy. A recent report concluded that India spends about Rs 21,000 crore annually in currency operation costs. This includes printing, storing and transporting the cash, as well as the expenses incurred by banks in setting up and maintaining ATMs. Then there … Continued

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Mr. Naveen Surya’s interaction with Economic Times

The Economic Times , November 23, 2016 There has been a sudden demand for e-payment forums: Naveen Surya, Payments Council of India  ET Now: Different digital players we have spoken to have said that their traction has increased, but have you seen any kind of disruptions in payment or completion of transactions or otherwise? Naveen … Continued

Smart Money

The Economic Times (Page No. 22), November 25, 2016 Smart Money In the two weeks since the government announced its demonetization initiative, India’s internet commerce industry has scrambled to adjust. Internet entrepreneurs have applauded the move, ostensibly for its long-term payoffs, although online marketplaces and logistics startups have been hit hard because of the cash … Continued

Hunting Black Bucks

Business , November 6, 2016 PM Narendra Modi’s regime is squeezing the avenues for generation and circulation of black money, but more reforms are needed to speed things up. In the 2014 elections, nobody tapped the public mood against corruption as well as Narendra Modi – one of whose promises included bringing black money … Continued