Transforming the digital payments landscape

Our country is on a journey to becoming a digital superpower and, over a period of time, we all have realized that this vision of Digital India cannot be complete without digitizing cash-use in our country. A less-cash environment is completely dependent on a robust digital payments ecosystem, which is still at a nascent stage; … Continued

Carbon Credit – like system can curb cash usage

Carbon credit-like system can curb cash usage Cash is an expensive cost to India’s economy. A recent report concluded that India spends about Rs 21,000 crore annually in currency operation costs. This includes printing, storing and transporting the cash, as well as the expenses incurred by banks in setting up and maintaining ATMs. Then there … Continued

Digital payment firms happy with Centre’s push

Digital payment firms happy with Centres push The digital push by government through incentives and demonetization has come as a booster to the financial technology companies or digital payment companies and they are expected to pass on the benefits to the consumers. Naveen Surya, chairman, Payment Council of India and managing director, ItzCash told this … Continued