Labour gain

Labour gain Kris Lakshmikanth, CEO of the recruitment firm Headhunters India, was recently at Indian Institute of Management Ranchi to give a lecture. He had lunch at the institutes cafeteria, and when he was about to pay the bill the cashier requested him to pay through Paytm. Lakshmikanth was a bit surRs prised that digital … Continued

ItzCash’s Attempt To Make India Financially PHYgital

In the mid-2000s, Internet penetration had just begun in the lower sections of society and mobile adoption was increasing. But, when it came to payments or any kind of financial transactions, there was cash and only cash. “In 2005-2006, 97% was cash and only 3% was digital,” begins Naveen Surya, the co-founder of payments platform ItzCash. “This … Continued

Demonetization triggers spurt in digital payments, Mumbai, November 11, 2016 Demonetization triggers spurt in digital payments; drives India towards cashless economy.  The demonetization move that initially paralyzed the economy is now catalyzing the country’s digital payments ecosystem. We’re are witnessing an economic transition right now. The quintessential digitally-spooked `Aam aadmi’ is keeping aside his wad of cash and signing up for e-payments and mobile … Continued