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Value Of Online Payments Falls In December Despite Government’s Digital Blitz

Despite the government’s push for digital payments after demonetisation sucked 86 percent of currency in circulation out of the economy, data for the last two months may not enthuse many. While the number of digital transactions has jumped multi-fold, the total value of non-cash payments declined 12 percent in December compared to the average of … Continued

Smart Money

The Economic Times (Page No. 22), November 25, 2016 Smart Money In the two weeks since the government announced its demonetization initiative, India’s internet commerce industry has scrambled to adjust. Internet entrepreneurs have applauded the move, ostensibly for its long-term payoffs, although online marketplaces and logistics startups have been hit hard because of the cash … Continued

Demonetization triggers spurt in digital payments, Mumbai, November 11, 2016 Demonetization triggers spurt in digital payments; drives India towards cashless economy.  The demonetization move that initially paralyzed the economy is now catalyzing the country’s digital payments ecosystem. We’re are witnessing an economic transition right now. The quintessential digitally-spooked `Aam aadmi’ is keeping aside his wad of cash and signing up for e-payments and mobile … Continued

Hunting Black Bucks

Business , November 6, 2016 PM Narendra Modi’s regime is squeezing the avenues for generation and circulation of black money, but more reforms are needed to speed things up. In the 2014 elections, nobody tapped the public mood against corruption as well as Narendra Modi – one of whose promises included bringing black money … Continued