About Us

Launched in 2006, ItzCash Card Ltd. has evolved from being India’s first and largest non-bank entity to offer prepaid cash cards to becoming the leading holistic payments solutions company. ItzCash Card Ltd. is the first company which has been issued the Certificate of Authorization by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the Payment and Settlement area. Over the last 10 years, ItzCash has helped create a deeper significance in the lives of its consumers and thereby has added to the Government’s vision of ‘inclusive growth’ amongst all its citizenry.

Since inception, the company has played a major role in empowering the unbanked and under-banked segments in India, through convenient, secured and customized payments’ solutions. The company’s product range commands wide acceptance – from services to stores to solutions, both in the offline and online marketplace. This in turn has given citizens and corporations the freedom to select an instrument of their choice, be it from the financial, digital or social perspective.

ItzCash is a part of the Essel Group, a $2.4 bn business conglomerate, having a presence across diverse sectors including media & entertainment, tourism, packaging, publishing and broadcasting and financial services.

The company is headed by Mr. Naveen Surya and ably supported by a team comprised of experienced professionals from the industry.

Our Vision & Mission

Mirroring the Government’s own objective and vision, the challenge that we set for ourselves reflects in our mission ‘To create and deliver innovations that will empower each and every individual to handle money in a simple, safe and convenient manner.’

Subsequently, when our mission is accomplished, our vision to become the largest and most trusted Payment Solutions company will see the light of the day.

The Vision for a New Horizon

ItzCash has a vision to become the largest, most trusted Payment Solutions company by opening up a world of unlimited possibilities for all of our customers and stakeholders.

The Mission to Reach There

To create innovations that will empower each and every individual to handle money in a simple, safe, and convenient manner.

What we do

ItzCash has been playing a pivotal role in driving India towards a cashless economy.Every transaction will be made hassle-free and accountable for consumers and businesses. More importantly, every section of the Indian population will be empowered,and will be a part of the inclusive growth.

Envisioning this, ItzCash initiated the concept of prepaid payment solutions to the Indian consumer and various business entities. Since then we have continued to innovate and augment our product portfolio with robust technology-driven service and delivery platforms to provide world-class prepaid payment solutions for the future.

Our brand lays its very foundation with the intent of turning the face of the nation around by delivering the brand’s vision and by reflecting its identity.

ItzCash Promise

ItzCash has undergone a “change” to ensure that its core identity, values and company vision and mission encapsulates the brand’s raison d’être and its broad philosophy.  And so emerged, its new slogan ‘Possibilities Unlimited’.

This isn’t just a mere slogan, but an all-encompassing coinage for the brand’s intent and outlook which permeates every action, decision and product associated with the brand. After all, ‘Possibilities Unlimited’ is about the way we introduce possibilities to the un-banked/under-banked,  and how we create innovative solutions for a business to manage cash better.

Our brand will facilitate people and the nation to grow together; to soar higher and achieve more.

We touch your lives

Intention is non-existent without real effort. At ItzCash, we are working day-in & day-out towards imbibing this philosophy in everything we do.